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This is a russian site about Theravada buddhism. Site is maintained and developed by russian Theravada buddhist group of Saint-Petersburg. Our goal is to open the authentic teaching of the Buddha to russian people, as well as to establish live and active Theravada communities in our country. The site is regularly updated with new materials. One of the sections provides information about news and events of Theravada Buddhist community of St. Petersburg (Dhamma-center Theravada RU). Here you may also take a look at our photoalbums
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Attention! The text is translated automatically from Russian with the Google Translator. From here you can go further to the area of your interest to get an overview about the contents of our website. You can also change language using flag icons just below the left menu on the home page.

Introduction (home page)

- Blessing by Ven. Bodhi
- Blessing by Ven. Ratanasara Pallekande
- Four Noble Truths
- Noble Eightfold Path

St. Petersburg Dhamma Center "Theravada RU"

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History and the Present

- Life of Buddha
- Early period of Buddhism
- Medieval period of Buddhism
- The state of modern Buddhism in the world
- Modern Buddhism in the CIS countries
- Theravada teachers' biographies

Teachings and Practices

- Pali canon (a collection of teachings of the Buddha - in Russian language)
Canonical commentaries (ancient authoritative comments - overview)

- The works of buddhologists and scholars (pali canon analysis, sociology, etc.)
- Books and lectures by Theravada teachers
- Concepts and terms (Dictionary)


- Buddhism in everyday life
- Notes and impressions
- Editorial column
- Buddhist art
- F.A.Q.

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